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KKC is a business consulting firm focused on developing franchise program for Thailand franchise company to grow and expand in Thailand and international market using franchise as a key strategy for expansion.

KKC consists of consultant team specializing in Franchise Business Development providing services to SMEs & large enterprises. Experienced with all stages of Prototype Business Creation & Franchise Business Development. KKC has wide network of international franchise consultant to assist Thailand Franchise to go international effectively.


Key Scope of Services :-

  • Franchise Strategic Planning. Recommend about critical foundation of franchise program, types of franchise offered, franchisee support programs, franchisee fees, royalty fees, etc.

  • Detailed financial projections which contain a five-year cash flow analysis of store level and franchisor organization.

  • Operations Consulting and Operations Manual Development (paper based and on-line OM), Develop a comprehensive Operations Manual that lists out detail all of working process and flow of the business, from opening to closing.

  • Develop franchise marketing plan, budget, activities and marketing tools

  • Conduct Franchise Management Training to educate franchisors on the complexities of operating and managing franchise organization.

  • Develop International Franchise Program expansion to international markets as well as necessary franchise tools in English.

  • Act as Franchise Marketing Representative, handling franchise sales implementation and business dealing for franchisors to expansion both local and international markets



KKC Business Consulting

2/263 Image Place, Phuttamonthon 4 Road, Sampran, Nakorn Pathom 73220 Thailand

Tel. +6682 992 5629
Email : mananpat9@gmail.com

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